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Bayan Rahal

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Sunny W., Atlanta Georgia - Sept 2003

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Laura. W. Dana Point, CA - August, 2006

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C.W., New York.

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G. K., Colorado

The Manifesting Manual reveals a PROVEN and powerful Manifesting Technology for attracting financial freedom, enlightened loving relationships, optimum health, your ideal career and a spiritual awakening in your life!

This world-renowned manual is a 250+ page encyclopedia of manifesting knowledge with manifesting techniques you can't find anywhere! It is the most practical and applicable source about manifesting recorded in history!

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This book contains Manifesting Secrets that are over 1500 years old!!

You will receive Proven Manifesting Techniques that Will Empower your Life Dramatically. In a few days time you will naturally Increase Your Natural Ability to Manifest your Desires with Effortless Ease!

This book is packed FULL of practical proven manifesting secrets, techniques, formulas and exercises that truly work! Learn the most empowering, healing, transformative, enlightening information about manifesting available in the world.

This revolutionary manifesting guide reveals the most effective habits and techniques for manifesting amazing loving relationships, optimum health, financial freedom, your ideal career and a spiritual awakening in your life!

Jafree Ozwald
Jafree Ozwald
Author of the Manifesting Manual


I'd like to share with you the most empowering enlightening experience I've had in my entire life.

In February of 1995, I took a trip to India to find the answers to my life's deepest questions. After several weeks of introspection and sitting with a guru named Papaji, I had an experience that changed my life forever.

I tapped into extremely expansive, perpetually blissful feeling of peace, and awakened a personal connection with the Universe which provided me with an outrageous abundance of energy. intuition and manifesting power. It continued for many months and I instantly knew every answer to any question that came my way. Yet, perhaps the most amazing thing of all was that I was able to manifest anything that my heart desired...instantly!

After returning to the USA I was slowly brought back into the hypnotic trance of my old lifestyle and a limited poverty consciousness. I was trying to integrate what I received in India, yet nothing seemed to work for me. I believed I had lost this incredible connection because I was struggling with creating money, lacking motivation, life purpose, and couldn't find a career that I loved doing.

Then, one day in the deepest pit of my despair, I had an experience that changed everything. I was lying flat on the floor in a deep depressed and pathetic state, feeling overwhelmed with tons of bills and no job to pay them with. There was nothing that I could do but completely surrender to my entire existence. It was that moment I received a download of information that came from this higher intelligence inside.

I started to write everything I heard, and what followed was a complete 8 daily habits that would raise my vibration, lift up my consciousness, and allow me to step out the poverty trance forever. I found that when I simply followed these habits everyday I raised my manifesting vibration and this was what allowed me to attract whatever my heart desired!

It seemed too good to be true, so I had to test it out. I applied these habits on a daily basis and the results were staggering! In less than 60 days my income tripled, I was creating empowered loving relationships, I took an exotic vacation to Costa Rica, and was having multiple peak states of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual highs in a single day!

After about 90 days into the experience I noticed that everything in my life had drastically changed in the most radical ways. I found that deep source of peace inside and for the first time I was motivated to contribute my gifts to the world. I was still very deep in credit card debt, so I decided to see if I could attract an abundance of money into my life. Only 6 weeks later something miraculous happened...

I manifested $20,000 in cash!!

(yes those are $100 bills)

$20,000 in cash!!

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Now perhaps you're wondering...

How Does Manifesting Actually Work?

RadioYou see, your body and mind act like a radio tower that is constantly broadcasting a particular frequency of energy. Your thoughts and feelings are always sending out an "energetic blueprint" into the Universe about who you are and what you want. When you consciously raise your vibration you are sending out the HIGHEST frequencies and manifesting signals which return to you with actual physical results.

The only reason that you're not creating everything you want in life is because you are still sending out a frequency that is based in ego and a lower vibration. Once you start applying the secrets to raising your "Manifesting Vibration" you'll experience a dramatic change in how easy and effortless your desires manifest for you!

Once you know HOW TO raise your vibration, you'll naturally manifest your desires FASTER AND EASIER than what you believed was possible. And when you do our morning manifesting routine for 90 days we guarantee that YOU WILL TURN INTO A MANIFESTING MAGNET!

There have been MANY people (just like me) who were up to their eyeballs deep in debt, struggling just to get by, and decided to do my 90 Day Manifesting Program. Many people have emailed me back after a few weeks with their experiences of tremendous transformation...

"The words contained in this book are the most powerful and profound ones you will ever read. The understanding of the human psyche is beautifully captured throughout, enabling one to fully explore and understand one's own personal mindset. Every negative is counterbalanced with a positive; you will no longer feel lost and vulnerable in this mad world we call home. Both writers, Jafree and Margot, deserve every bit of credit given for producing such a masterpiece. You are being given a life altering opportunity here, I strongly recommend you take it!!"

K Laing, UK

"Explosion! That's how I will describe your 90 Day Manifesting Program. It is so full of wisdom and education. I've only read half of it and I feel charged with electricity! Yes, 420 volts of charge!! Thanks for showing the way!"

Mohamed Nadeem, Mombasa City. Coast Province. Kenya

Use this program daily and we will give you a 100% Guarantee that you will start manifesting everything below in 90 days or less...

  • Real Financial Freedom
  • Enlightened Relationships
  • Your Ideal Career
  • A Super High Energy Healthy Body
  • A full blown Spiritual Awakening!

Jeremy Gard
"I've been on the 90 day course for a few months now and am really noticing some amazing changes in myself. I feel healthier, I got a promotion at work, I've started developing my online business plans that I've had for years... and so much more! Thanks Jafree. Please keep the inspiration coming. Best regards.
~Jeremy Gard, Brisbane, Australia

"The most unusual thing is that when I pick up a chapter in your manifesting manual, every part of my being begins to vibrate as if I just plugged into the Universe!"
~Morgan, Boston, MA.

Click Here to listen to Pat's magical story about what he manifested using our manifesting program.


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Manifesting Manual

After just 3 weeks on this program you will begin to experience...

  • Unstoppable Motivation and Inspiration
  • An Abundance of Energy
  • A Higher Level of Consciousness
  • A Spiritual Awakening

"Thank you for your AMAZING Manifesting Program! I wake up every day feeling plugged in and connected to my source and I have never been happier or more fulfilled with what I now create!! Thank you so much for your program it is truly a blessing to the planet and anyone who is fortunate enough to have it!!!"

Eric S Lee, Colorado

"Your E-book on Raising Your Manifesting Vibration is absolutely wonderful! It is excellent, a pleasure to read, and extremely delicious to take in! Comparisons to other things I have read and listened to about manifesting would not even begin to describe your work. Yours is unique and it covers so much, effortlessly, that I can read it again and again, and get more each time! Many thanks and blessing to you both."

Janet Ford, Redondo Beach, CA

" I have read through your Manifesting Vibration manual and I must say of all the other material I have read on the same subject, yours is absolutely the most clear, free flowing, concise, and very informal 'how to' product I've ever read!!! By just reading and taking notes of the various 'choices' of exercise to implement on a daily basis, has made me very excited. I feel like I can do this, stick to it, and enjoy it! If you guys have anything else to share with the world please do!"

Pamela Boney, Brooklyn, N.Y.

"I'm enjoying your manifesting manual very much. It's GREAT; it's all the spiritual/metaphysical information you need to know in one place!"

Lily from Austria

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"If I compare my state of mind now to what it was just a week ago I would say it's more like a miraculous healing than anything I have ever experienced before!"

Pam Buswell, Montreal, Canada

"I must start by saying just how much I'm enjoying, "The Manifesting Manual - How to Raise your Manifesting Vibration!" I just can't get enough of it! I even have an extra printed copy so that every spare moment I have is spent reading this incredible information!"

Ken Goat, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


  • The Secrets to Revealing your Life's Purpose and Mission, So You're Inspired to Live a Life you Truly Love.
  • A Super Powerful 3 Step Manifesting Formula Guaranteed to Attract Anything Your Heart Desires.
  • The Secrets to Mastering Relationships and Attracting your Soul Mate.
  • How to Turn Yourself Into a Money Magnet and Manifest True

The Manifesting Manual contains 21 manifesting meditations, 13 visualization exercises, over 200 inspirational quotes, a proven manifesting technology that's over 1500 years old, and of course the world's greatest secrets to manifesting!!

Check out the Entire Table of Contents below!!

How to Raise Your Vibration While Reading
Clarifying The Manifesting Mindset
Starting Your Manifesting Journey

How to Reveal Your Heart's Deepest Desires
How To Eliminate Limiting Beliefs
Eliminating The Gremlin Exercise
Your Future Is A Blank Canvas
Opening Your Dream Gate
Dream Gate Meditation

Inventing Your Ultimate Fantasy Day
Creating Your Manifesting Agenda
My Manifesting Agenda
How To Create A Manifesting Dream Board!
Inventing your Dream Dialog
The 6 Ingredients to an Effective Dream Dialog
How Dream Dialoging Actually Works

Your Natural Power of Manifesting
Why Are We Manifesting Beings?
The 5 Steps To Realizing
“I Am A Powerful Manifesting Being!”
The 4 Universal Laws of Manifesting
The 3 Step Manifesting Formula
The Metaphysical Science of Manifesting
Unleashing Your Quantum Vibration

Your Mind is a Mirror
How Your Mirror Got Smudged
Owning Your Inner Dirt
Cleaning Up The Dusty Ego
The Ultimate Ego Cleaning Machine
Releasing the Last Layers of Dust

How Manifesting Techniques Really Work
Being versus Thinking
The Pure Being Meditation
The Future Is A Dream
Revealing The Real World

The Art of Detachment
Releasing Attachment Exercises
The Appreciation Vibration
Appreciation Exercises
The Power of Celebrating Life
The Joy Valve Exercise
Meeting the Enlightened Being Within You
The Enlightened Being Exercise
You Are the Treasure

The Enlightening Path Is Within
How To Experience True Meditation
Meditation to Dramatically Improve Brain Functioning
The Secrets to a Perfect Meditation Every Time
Practical Meditation Tips
The Money Mudra
Minding Your Inner Mantra
Discipline Leads To Freedom
The Enforcer Meditation

The Blue Room Manifesting Technique
The Blue Room Meditation
The Magic Body Mantra
The Breath of Life
The Humming Vibration Meditation
The Golden Shower Meditation

What Are The 8 Habits?
Results from Experiencing the 8 Habits
Integrating the 8 Habits
The 8 Habits Manifesting Routine

The Word Money and Its Vibration
The Money Magnet Exercises
How to Eliminate Poverty Consciousness
Meditations that Manifest Major Amounts of Money
Meeting your Enlightened Inner Financial Guru
Manifesting Abundance Easily and Effortlessly
The Billion Dollar Meditation
Meditation for Manifesting a Specific Dollar Amount
Manifesting The Career of your Dreams
Clearing the Path for your Life Purpose and Career
Manifesting The Career of your Dreams Exercise
How to Manifest a Completely New Career

The 6 Secrets To Manifesting Amazing Relationships
The Magic of Self-love
The Self-Love Mirror Exercise
Creating the Ultimate Connection with Someone
Seeing the Mirror in your Relationship
How To Drop All Judgments
How to Stop "Shoulding" on your Partner
Heart Chakra Meditation
Stopping the Blame Shame Game
Become a Hollow Flute or Invincible Shield
Magnetizing “The One”
How to Manifest Your Soul Mate

Seriousness: A Serious Disease to Manifesting
The Laughing Exercise
Replacing Worry with Wonder
The Curiosity Commitment
Stepping Out of the Velvet Rut
Breaking Through Resistance and Laziness
The Laziness Exercise
The Inspiration Coach Meditation
Trying To Manifest
The Spiritual Source in Negativity
The Art of Transcending Suffering
The 5 Causes of Human Suffering
Why Do We Experience Suffering at ALL?
Lifting the Veil of Suffering
Surrendering to Your Core Exercise
The 10 Blocks that Lower your Manifesting Vibration

Inspired Play Day
Enlightened Multi-Tasking
The 8 Anti-Rushing Remedies
The Hidden Power of Relaxation
Transcending Daily Pain and Dis-ease
The Healing Meditation
The Gentleness Exercise
The Pink Healing Light of Love

Maintaining Possibility Consciousness
Stepping onto the Manifestors Playing Field
The 12 Commitments that will Exponentially
Raise your Manifesting Vibration!
How To Keep your 90 Day Manifesting Commitment
The Manifesting Essentials
How To Eliminate the Excuse Crutch
Becoming a Manifesting Master
References and Inspired Sources

"The techniques in the Manifesting Manual really work! I am so excited, right now because I have accomplished a big goal which I have been striving to achieve for a long time. I passed my driving test for the job, and an opportunity came up and I applied for a higher paying post which will almost triple my salary!"

Francis Ouses, Okahandja, Namibi

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Frequently Asked Questions About Manifesting

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How does Manifesting work?

Manifesting is the science of how we can easily and effortlessly materialize our desires into the physical world. It is our innate ability to bring ANY desired thought into our reality. We are naturally born a manifestor, and this is a gift that you cannot lose. Yet, if you have had many negative beliefs, thoughts and experiences you may be living in fear and blocking your optimum manifesting ability from coming through.

The higher your vibration is, the faster your desires manifest will for you. By doing the 8 habits manifesting routine, you are guaranteed to increase your energy, focus, and manifesting abilities. With this higher energy, you'll see amazing success begins to effortlessly come your way.

Learning the secrets to Manifesting is about letting go of stress and struggle and having more fun in your life. It's about releasing your attachment to your desired outcome and remaining open, relaxed and positively focused on WHAT YOU WANT. It's also knowing how to stay FREE from those thoughts and feelings that keep repeating which YOU DON'T WANT.

The techniques in the program will raise your body-mind's vibration to such a high degree that the feelings of bliss, love, and abundance will be your natural state of being. From this place you will start seeing miraculous results show up in your world.

When you can remain centered for 90 days in a highly focused and energized bodymind, AMAZING things begin manifesting all around you. This more powerful connection with the Universe is available to you right now, all that you need is knowing how to access it.


What is a Manifesting Vibration??

Your "Manifesting Vibration" is the bio-electric frequency at which the your body is vibrating at. It is an actual measurable energy that defines how EFFORTLESS you can focus on and receive a desire you have. A person with a higher manifesting vibration will manifest their desires easier, faster and more effectively than someone with a lower vibration.

Your manifesting vibration is determined by the vibrational rate which your bodymind and its cells are energetically charged. It is an actual measurable energy and frequency that defines how your body's meridians (energy centers) are connected with the Universal energy.


How long does it usually take to manifest results?

Manifesting results depends on these 3 factors.

1. How much resistance or attachment you have to receiving your desired outcome.

2. How high (or low) your vibration is to begin with.

3. How actively you openly participate in the 8 habits manifesting routine for 6 days a week.

Most people start seeing results around the 3rd or 4th week on the manifesting routine. Some have see miraculous things show up in 24 hours while others it took them 8 weeks. You will increase your vibration depending on how big your desire is to break through your resistance to changing your thoughts, attitude, and vibration.

Usually after the 3rd week of doing the routine, you will have raised your vibration many degrees higher and start feeling that you are a manifesting magnet. After 90 days at this higher vibration, you will be able to truly sit back, relax and see that the Universe is handling ALL the details for you. Sometimes even within minutes after a manifesting technique is done people receive phone calls out of the blue with unbelievably good things that wanted to happen.

The Manifesting routine is fun and you can see results immediately so it is EASY to do and stay with for months and even years. This special high vibrational morning routine is essential for STOPPING PROCRASTINATION and getting super clear about what it is you really truly want.

The manifesting routine takes just 45 minute in the morning yet creates LIFE transformational results down the road. Doing the routine you'll improve your wealth, health, relationships and spiritual connection dramatically. Even after one week on the routine, you will find the intentions you set are more solid and manifest themselves with more ease.


How can the Manifesting Routine actually increase my Manifesting Vibration?

Manifesting is a powerful and magical force that is always working for you in your life. Yet like a muscle that is not exercised, it gets weaker, slower and fatigued with time. The manifesting routine is your metaphysical fitness program that will get your manifesting muscles in SHAPE.

By following the morning manifesting routine for 45 minutes a day, 6 days a week, your energy and focus will become EXTREMELY POWERFUL in 90 days or less. The vibration you have tomorrow is built off of today and grows exponentially. So throughout the next 90 days, you will start to see your desires manifested.


Can I do the Manifesting Routine from my own home?

Yes. The Manifesting Program has a ton of different manifesting techniques, meditations, and visualizations to choose from, and ALL can be done from the comfort of your own home. Most of the material was discovered, experienced and tested within our own private home. We want everyone to feel empowered no matter what their life situation already is. Of course, you can do this program from anywhere in the world, and we are finding the results are mind-blowing.


Can I manifest anything?

Yes, ANYTHING is possible in the world of Manifesting. You can manifest ANY desire you have with this program. Remember that manifesting is not about working harder to achieve your goals and dreams. It's about relaxing, receiving and letting what you desire into your life with effortless ease.

It is truly up to you to decide what you really want to manifest in this world. With an open-mind you will see that you can have anything, and everything is possible. The better question is what do you actually want to get out of this experience called life?


Can I have a healing experience with the Program?

Absolutely. This Manifesting Program is a healing experience for the soul. Some say that the healing vibration they experience from doing this program is what they have been searching for their entire lives. Here is one woman's experience of the Manifesting Program.

"I have read loads of books on healing and spirit and none of them have affected me like reading "How to Raise your Manifesting Vibration." If I compare my state of mind now to what it was just a week ago I would say its more like a miraculous healing than anything I have ever experienced before."

Pam Buswell, Montreal, Canada

For more testimonials...Click Here.

People experience everything from a release of buried negativity they didn't know was blocking their vibration inside them, to a spiritual high and feeling of being purified from any negative issues. During the program you will experience whatever you are most needing to experience. However, the end result after 90 days is that you will be more relaxed, at peace, and confident inside.

People have even overcome years of self-doubt, negative thinking and released major fears that has been stopping their life for years. These are all natural effects of doing the program for 90 days. By releasing these internal blocks it will help you manifesting something better in your outer world.


Can you say more about the Morning Manifesting Routine?

The morning routine will keep you FOCUSED and ON TRACK towards your dreams. Feelings of success, bliss and major amounts of joy will move into your body more frequently and authentically after doing the routine consistently. Your life will now be assisting YOU in manifesting your life's dream.

It will help you create financial abundance, spiritual inner peace, a great relationship, being physically fit, and that dream vacation. There's no reason big enough not to do it. The morning routine manifests your dream life to you faster and easier than you ever imagined. All of what we mentioned above is found in our Manifesting Program which you can download instantly below...enjoy.


Enlightened Beings

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"Always remember...there are no accidents or coincidences in this world. Nothing is by chance. Everything you experience is a direct manifestation of where you focus your attention and relax your vibration." ~Jafree

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